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Gardening Pumice For Plants

3/8" Screened 8 QTR

“Not exaggerating when I say this pumice minerals work on my garden plants, the best"—, Gantessa Pumice Customer

Joeinne A.

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987 Reviews

Why Pumice For Plants Products?

Completely Natural

Tested and proven to have traces of vitamins that helps with growing and a balance of moisture retention, gas exchange and drainage. Plants will detoxify and vitalize with pumice on the soil acquiring daily nutrients. Gardening pumice soil amendment increases the soil water conserving capabilities due to the many pores on each stone acting like sponges, when the soil needs to hydrate it is pulled out from the pumice stone providing nutrient rich water.

No Harmful Chemicals

provide oxygen to the root zone, releasing carbon dioxide, increases circulation and makes a source of food for the plants to take. Pumice is one of a kind amendment, no other can provide the same benefits. Using pumice for plants and vegetables will make them healthier by getting the nutrients by natural means and much more environmentally friendly.

In Horticulture

The most frequent use of pumice is in landscaping and horticulture. Apart from acting as a decorative ground cover in landscaping and planters, pumice stones are used as drainage rocks. These rocks suck all the water, when the plants suffer from a dehydration period, the rocks provide them with water along with certain essential nutrients which helps plants grow. These rocks don’t decompose and so there will be no need of replacing them.

If You Are Looking For A Safe And Natural  Way To Help Your Garden and Container Plants Thrive

$ 23.99

(an instant 25% saving)

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987 Reviews

Benefits Of The Stone

  • The plants use pumice for daily essential nutrients while detoxifying themselves.

  • vital nutrients are stored in the microscopic pores of pumice rock which aids in regulating fertilizer feedings

  • Acts as a conditioner for the soil with increased aeration and drainage

  • Reduced crusting, cracking, flooding, shrink-swelling in the soil

  • Holds the moisture in the soil, the pH of pumice is neutral, and it does not attract or host fungi, nematodes, or insects. 

Your Plants Need Drainage, Aeration and Moisture

Gardening Pumice

Family owned business and supplier of pumice stone for plants and stone wash

Recent Happy Clients

Great value for size of bag ! I use pumice in bottom of my plant pots to create extra drainage ! Also add to soil and use as a top dressing for my cacti ! Definitely I’ll purchase again !!

Clara, Dallas TX

I love using pumice for my house plants that need to retain moisture and not sit in puddles of water. This product will always be apart of my plant regimen. By the way the 8 quart bag for me went a long way with some of my house plants. I’m getting ready to order another bag. It’s truly worth the money. It save you from killing so many of your plants. Value for the money it’s worth it.

Teresa, Detroit MI

Using in my aroid medium and they are the perfect size…not to small or to large! Great quality and I love that the color is all the same! I will be ordering this again when it’s time to pot up more plants!

Julio, Santa Teresa NM

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