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Gardening Pumice for plants

Horticultural pumice is safe to use in all types of plants and garden beds.

Pumice Soil Amendment

Natural pumice stone is a mineral, it will not decompose and does not need replacing. Tested and proven to have traces of vitamins that helps with growing and a balance of moisture retention, gas exchange and drainage. Plants will detoxify and vitalize with pumice on the soil acquiring daily nutrients.

Gardening pumice soil amendment increases the soil water conserving capabilities due to the many pores on each stone acting like sponges, when the soil needs to hydrate it is pulled out from the pumice stone providing nutrient rich water.

Another benefit of the pumice in horticulture is to provide oxygen to the root zone, releasing carbon dioxide, increases circulation and makes a source of food for the plants to take. Pumice is one of a kind amendment, no other can provide the same benefits.

Using pumice for plants and vegetables will make them healthier by getting the nutrients by natural means and much more environmentally friendly.

Provides high levels of moisture retention, It can be used in your own potting mix.

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