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Gantessa Pumice for plants
3/8" Screened Pumice
Pumice fr plants

3/8" Screened

pumice for plants bag

3/8 Pumice 

Pumice for plants sample

3/8 Pumice

pumice for plants in garden bed

Planting a tree

3/8" Pumice for Plants

Screened 3/8" Volcanic pumice for plants. Great for garden beds with large plants and trees.

  • 1/8" Screened Pumice

    Pumice for plants screened

    1/8" Screened

    Pumice for plants screened bag

    1/8 Pumice 

    Pumice for plants sample

    1/8 Pumice

    pmice for plants in pot

    Planting on a small pot

    1/8" Pumice for Plants

    Screened 1/8" pumice for plants. Great for Garden beds with large plants, trees and small pots.

  • Medium Pumice Stone
    Pumice for stone wash

    5 gal Bag

    Pumice for plants i garden

    Decoration Pumice 

    Raw Pumice

    1 1/8 - 2 3/4

    Pumice for jeans

    Denim stone wash

    Volcanic Pumice for Stone wash

    Our largest screened pumice. Used for stone washing denim, and top garden bed decoration.

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  • Pumice Stone for denim wash

  • > 1 1/8" - 2 3/4 Screened

  • 5 Gal

  • Gantessa Pumice for plants

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